doula support

We help you greet labor with knowledge, connection and trust.


birth doula care

We serve as your mentors and coaches during your pregnancy and birth. We personalize our doula care to meet your individual needs and desires. We both have complimentary skills and draw upon our various trainings to deepen the connection to birth for mamas and their partners.



We believe that preparation through education and practice are fundamental to having a beautiful, empowering birth. We have also seen firsthand the value of private coaching and mentoring from your doula, as it helps ensure you are able to truly understand and apply the information you are learning. This is why we strongly recommend our doula clients take education classes with us. It also helps us get to know one another on a deeper level; a connection that is invaluable at your birth.

The key to having your dream birth is education.

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Childbirth education

This three-part series, taught by Joy in the comfort of your own home, includes a blend of practical information while also offering activities to help you develop your values, inner resources, and confidence through introspection and self-discovery.


breastfeeding education & support

Dara meets before birth and after: first to provide education to prepare you, and after birth to support your breastfeeding relationship and help with babywearing. Also receive 6 weeks of email support.

extra prenatal sessions available

Sometimes additional support is needed to help increase the likelihood of having a vaginal birth. We offer services to help encourage optimal fetal positioning, as well as help encourage the start of labor when needed.


breech positioning session

Have you recently found out your baby is in a breech position? We use a variety of techniques to help turn a breech or otherwise malpositioned baby.

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getting labor started session

Are you or someone you know overdue?  We offer one-on-one sessions in the comfort of your home to gently encourage the start of labor.


postpartum services

We offer a variety of postpartum services to support mother and baby wellness.


placenta encapsulation

Postpartum wellness is on your mind and you have heard some of the benefits of placenta encapsulation. All of Joy's experience, as well as her trainings and certification with APPA has led to one thing: superior safety and rigorous standards applied to every aspect of your care.

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s.o.s. after birth care

Dara will meet with you in your home to assist with breastfeeding rhythms, facilitate restoration, support clean nutrition, and help around the house. Dara strives to facilitates peace, confidence and grace to the new mothers that she serves.


s.o.s. breastfeeding support

Dara comes to your home to assist in identifying new ways to address breastfeeding that will bring peace, nutritional value, and affirmation to your breastfeeding journey.