We Offer A Full Spectrum of Services

We offer a variety of services to help support you throughout your childbearing year. Scroll down to learn more and contact us with any questions you may have!

birth doula Support

Birth Doula Support is all about personalized care focused on meeting your individual needs and values. When invited to journey with you through your pregnancy and birth, we become an ally, someone to walk beside you and to lean on when needed. We are available to serve as mentors and coaches and support your unique journey to parenthood.

Our heart is to help you deepen your connection to birth.

breastfeeding education

Dara meets before birth and after: first to provide education to prepare you, and after birth to support your breastfeeding relationship and help with babywearing. Also receive 6 weeks of email support.

Additional prenatal sessions

We offer services to help encourage optimal fetal positioning as well as help encourage the start of labor when needed.

breech positioning session

Have you recently found out your baby is in a breech position? We use a variety of techniques to help turn a breech or otherwise malpositioned baby.

getting labor started session

Are you or someone you know overdue?  We offer one-on-one sessions in the comfort of your home to gently encourage the start of labor.

postpartum services

We offer a variety of postpartum services to support mother and baby wellness.

placenta encapsulation

Have you heard about placenta encapsulation and want to make sure you choose a provider who treats every single detail as the most important? We offer safe, dependable, 5-Star professional placenta encapsulation in San Diego County.

abdominal massage

Dara comes to your home within a few days of birth to provide abdominal massage and belly wrapping for the overall health of uterus and organization of female organs. This session also includes Breastfeeding Support and unlimited phone and email support for 6 weeks.

Postpartum Doula services

Dara will meet with you in your home to assist with breastfeeding rhythms, facilitate restoration, support clean nutrition, and help around the house. Dara strives to facilitates peace, confidence and grace to the new mothers that she serves.

s.o.s. breastfeeding support

Dara comes to your home to assist in identifying new ways to address breastfeeding that will bring peace, nutritional value, and affirmation to your breastfeeding journey.