Provider Testimonials

Ms. Dara Desoto is the most wonderful Doula to work with. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with her as she provided care for a mutual patient. During the labor process Dara was amazing. She was kind, understanding, compassionate and everything this patient and her husband needed during the labor. Dara is a true patient advocate but also able to balance medical necessity with patient desire. She helped our mutual patient experience one of the most spiritual and beautiful deliveries I have seen. Recently, we had the opportunity to work together again. This time with a known high risk patient. Once again, another beautiful, medically safe yet patient centered natural experience. It's amazing to watch Dara the Doula in action.
Kelly O. Elmore, MD, OBGYN


It has been such a blessing to know and work with Joy! She is a treasure chest of women's health knowledge and a true advocate for empowerment and choosing the birth that's right for you. I have worked with her as a doula and have also used her placenta encapsulation services. And I've referred many a client to Joy. I can't say enough good things about her. She is reliable, responsive, caring, determined, and lives from a very passionate place. She is an asset to any birth team and all new parents.
Amy Gordon, MS, LAC, FABORM


Dara is an absolute gem! As a certified nurse midwife, I wholeheartedly enjoy working with Dara as she provides families with such amazing support. Dara is devoted, loving, and such a comforting presence during your pregnancy journey. Thank you for blessing me, and the families that are fortunate to have you by their side. With love and gratitude,
Nancy Pol, RN, MSN, CNM


I had the pleasure of working alongside Joy for a number of years when she lived in the Bay Area. I am a Midwife and placenta encapsulator and have had the honor of attending some births with Joy and witnessing her unwavering and compassionate support for laboring mamas. I have also called on Joy as a backup for my placenta encapsulating services when I was unavailable because I trusted and felt aligned with her process and knew my clients would be in really good hands. She is responsible and reliable and incredibly easy to work with and passionate about her work. I absolutely recommend her!!
Jaime Shapiro, CPM, LM, AP


My review of Dara is based on my perspective as a physician familiar with the medical system, yet needing help to ensure a natural unmedicated birth in a hospital. I feel so blessed to have found Dara and can’t imagine choosing any other doula. She helped arm me with the tools and knowledge to shorten labor and have an easier delivery. She was there by my side in my most difficult moments and I strongly believe it’s because of her I had such a beautiful birth experience! Thank you Dara, will highly recommend you to family, friends and my medical colleagues  
Natasha R.


Joy was our doula for the recent birth of our daughter.  We were not sure that we wanted a doula, however, after meeting Joy, we immediately felt at ease and excited about the birthing process.  During the labor, my husband and I were so grateful for Joy's presence.  She provided us with anticipatory guidance along every step of the way.  Joy has a natural comforting presence and touch that immediately calmed us as the labor progressed.  She is truly wonderful at her job and I would highly recommend her to anyone.  I really don't know what we would have done without her.
Ellen O'Mally Kato, FNP


Dara the Doula is an absolute angel in our community! As a prenatal chiropractor, I rely on her services to support my pregnant patients. Not only is she knowledgeable and experienced but she is also just an overall delightful human being. I am incredibly grateful for her services and being able to have my pregnant patients under such phenomenal care.
Dr. Chrisi Binder


I am a midwife and very quickly Joy became my "go to" referral for placenta encapsulation. As a midwife I am always concerned with cleanliness and cross contamination. I always check in about processes with placenta encapsulators. I felt confident with Joy. Many of my clients used her to process their placentas and every one of them was happy with the experience. She is very responsive and incredibly fast. Even when she was fully pregnant herself she managed well coordinated pick-up/drop-offs and rapid processing.
Michelle Welborn, CPM, LM