Safe, dependable, 5-Star professional placenta encapsulation in San Diego County.

As a natural way to support the fourth trimester, placenta encapsulation has been shown to support a smoother postpartum transition, increase energy, promote faster healing, establish more balanced moods, lessen postpartum hair loss and increase milk production.

Packages Starting At $200


Are You REady for An EAsier Postpartum REcovery?

Reduces postpartum bleeding

Encourages the development of milk supply

Reduces stress hormones and stress levels

Replenishes essential nutrients like iron and B6

Prevents baby blues

And Joy's favorite, increases ENERGY!

I am a midwife and very quickly Joy became my “go-to” for placenta encapsulation.
— Michelle Welborn, CPM, LM

Personalized Fourth TRimester Support

The placenta is truly a life sustaining organ containing many essential hormones, vitamins, and minerals which are available to you for consumption after birth. The purpose of placenta encapsulation is to reintroduce all these nutrients back into your body and help restore balance. The placenta was made by your body to sustain the growth of your baby and now it can be used to nourish you during the postpartum period!

Joy makes it easy and she’s so amazing to work with. Kind, nurturing and fully understanding of what us mamas are going through.


  • I source the highest quality materials.

  • High quality, light resistant Amber bottles, protect your capsules and tincture.

  • I only use Certified Organic Alcohol for making quality tinctures.

  • Only one placenta is processed at a time, always.

  • Detailed placenta manual sent right to your phone for easy access.

  • Only food-grade material will ever come in contact with your placenta and capsules.

  • Single-use supplies are used when ever possible.

  • Free consultations provided by phone, text and email.

  • Secure & easy online reservation process.

  • Once your space is reserved, I am on-call for your birth.

  • Your package arrives with locally-sourced sample-size products for baby and mama.

  • A lifetime of email and phone support for any questions or concerns you may have during your pregnancy or postpartum.

  • Every single detail is treated as the most important.


All Placenta Services Include...

Clear and Thorough Instructions
What to take to the hospital for your placenta, how to prepare it for transport, what your particular hospital's placenta release policy is, and how to contact me to coordinate pick-up.

Postpartum Guide
Detailed 14-page placenta manual sent right to your phone for easy access.

Quick turnaround
Your placenta products are returned to you within 72 hours hours once it's in my possession. 

Email Support
A lifetime of email and phone support for any questions or concerns you may have during your pregnancy or postpartum. 

Cord Keepsake
The very cord that connected you to your baby while she grew inside you, can be treasured for a lifetime through umbilical cord dehydration. The cord can be shaped into a heart or spiral, and when long enough, a word of your choice.

Placenta Pictures
Perhaps you would like to see where your baby has been living these past 9 months? When requested on your Sign-Up form, I will email you pictures of your placenta, including the baby's and mother's side of the placenta.

Locally- Sourced Products
Your package arrives with locally-sourced sample-size products for baby and mama.

Every single detail is treated as the most important.



Raw Start Method

The process begins by gently cleaning the placenta. It is then sliced thin and dehydrated at 160 degrees Fahrenheit until "snap dry", then ground into powder, and put into capsules. Unlike the Traditional Chinese Medicine Method, the placenta is not steamed prior to dehydration. This method typically yields 20% more pills than TCM processing.

Those who follow a raw food diet claim that heat destroys important enzymes, proteins, and hormones. The RAW START METHOD preserves more of the placenta’s hormones and volume, and mothers often report a distinct energy boost and improved mood after taking the capsules. This is a good option for mothers who’ve experienced postpartum hemorrhage or heavy bleeding, who are seeking to increase breastmilk production, or who desire increased energy after birth. This method is not recommended for mothers who are naturally high-energy or prone to anxiety. This method may not provide the tonifying benefits of the TCM method.

Traditional Method

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches that the placenta helps bring balance to a mother’s system after birth. The placenta is gently steamed (optionally with lemon and ginger) for a warming effect, sliced thin, and dehydrated at 145 degrees Fahrenheit. It is then ground into a powder and put into capsules. Steaming the placenta makes for a ‘warming’ remedy, or one that tonifies, nourishes the blood, and restores energy. Just as with steaming vegetables, steaming the placenta decreases overall volume, and cooks out some of the nutrients. 

This method is a good option for mothers who are typically high-energy or who have experienced manic feelings in the past. It is not recommended for mothers looking for a postpartum energy boost. Because steaming kills off bacteria, mothers who are GBS+ or whose placenta had meconium staining, often choose this method. Also, those who are very sensitive to hormones, may want to choose this method as mothers have reported it is gentler than Raw Start Method. 

Placenta Encapsulation PACKAGES & PRICING

Elemental Package

Placenta Encapsulation
(your choice of method)

Vegetarian or Gelatin Capsules

Cord Keepsake

You arrange to have someone come to my home to drop off the placenta and then pick up the pills. (I live near SDSU)

"Your Amazing Placenta" - Guidebook

Holistic Package

Placenta Encapsulation
(your choice of method)

Vegetarian or Gelatin Capsules

Cord Keepsake

I travel to you to pick up the placenta and again drop off the pills once finished.

"Your Amazing Placenta" - Guidebook

Joyful Package


Option for Strawberry Flavored Capsules

1 Placenta Prints

4 oz Tincture

Herbal Sitz Bath (2 cups)