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As a certified DONA birth doula, I draw upon my training and my personal life experience. I have birthed and  breastfed four children in various environments, in birth centers and hospitals, with the support of midwives and doctors as care providers. I have lived in different states and countries and learned to adjust my parenting methods accordingly. Over the years, I have been given the gift of education and preparation for the many changes that come with motherhood. I have grown to understand the importance of flexibility, patience and surrender to handle life's twists and turns. I believe that birth, as beautiful as it is, can also be vulnerable and uncertain. My hope, as your birth doula, is to be a source of support that strengthens and empowers you to be brave and at peace during childbirth.

The goals that I have in relationship to being your doula are the following:

  • To provide emotional and physical support in the childbirth process.

  • To facilitate peaceful relations between you and your medical professionals.

  • To encourage your acquisition of resources pertaining to your particular needs, i.e. Health, exercise, parenting, etc.

  • To help you grow your education in prenatal, lactation, labor, delivery, postpartum.

  • To inspire your confidence as a mother.

  • To help you prepare for the incredible adventure of growing a family!

As a prenatal chiropractor, I rely on [Dara’s] services to support my pregnant patients.
— Dr. Chrisi Binder
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6 Month Internship at South Coast Midwifery
Certified Doula (CD) under DONA
HCHD (Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypno-Doula)
Certified Lactation Educator Counselor (CLEC) through UCSD
CAPPA Trained in Postpartum Care
CPR Certified - Red Cross
Neonatal-Adult CPR and BLS Certified
Spinning Babies Trained

We are so glad that we chose Dara to be our Doula!  It was like having a living textbook and really close friend right along side us.
— Jen G.
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