breech positioning SESSION

Have you recently found out your baby is in a breech position? We use a variety of techniques including the rebozo and Spinning Babies to help turn a breech or otherwise malpositioned baby to a more favorable position.

One 60-Minute Session: $100


WHo does the session benefit?

A baby with a malpresentation means they are in a position in the uterus that is not head down (breech, transverse, oblique). Babies are usually head down by 32 weeks as the head becomes heavy enough at 5-7 months for gravity to pull it downwards resulting in a vertical position. Prior to this, babies are usually transverse (until 24-26 weeks) or breech (24-29 weeks). Once babies have turned head down, they will usually stay in that position due to the shape of the uterus (unless the uterus is stretched after many pregnancies making it easy for baby to change position - this is known as an unstable lie).

If a baby is not presenting head down towards term, women may be offered an ECV (external cephalic version) to try to turn baby around, or women may be recommended a cesarean delivery.

Along with acupuncture and bodywork, positioning helps create balance and space in your body, while using gravity to encourage turning.


These one-on-one sessions take place in the comfort of your own home. We begin by doing a variety of positions to help create balance and relaxation in your body. We then perform a number of positions and rebozo techniques to help encourage your baby to turn. We follow up all of the postures with moxabustion, a Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy, that uses heat to stimulate the main Acupuncture point used to turn babies. You will also receive a detailed handout to refer to when continuing to practice these techniques on your own.


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